Nevada Center for Public Policy Dialogue

I attended a very interesting meeting as a representative not only of Grassroots Internet Radio but also as a member of the community. Great topics, novel formats and very engaging.

I noticed that we were sitting in a round formation. Something like King Arthur’s round table. All of us equals. I liked that.

The first topic covered Incentives and Consequences for Youth. It opened with the moderator explaining his background and then elaborating on how and what, we as the participants, were supposed to contribute. For the first part we were to raise our hands and wait until we were recognized by the moderator. Then offer our ideas toward bettering our own community for our youth and what we all thought about incentives to promote positive behavior and consequences for negative behavior. Everyone had some really great comments and ideas.

The next topic covered Education and Mentoring. Different moderator and different means of contribution. The moderator explained her background and defined how we were to contribute. Covering the topics of civic organizations, school curriculum and various public entities that we, as the community could devote ourselves to in order to again, better our social environment on the local level. This time we all got to say something without raising our hands, though we had to wait to be recognized by whomever was speaking at the time.

The last topic covered Youth Programs and Recreation. New moderator, new form of contribution. I like variety, I think everyone does. What did we think would help the youth in our neighborhoods, feel more included in the community and the programs that are offered by local organizations, private and public. There were three teenagers who were present. Throughout the meeting, none of them really said a word until someone asked each of them individually what they would like, to help them feel more included. That’s when we got a lot of contributions from them. What they like, what they don’t like. What they would like to see more of.

The whole meeting was wonderful and if you’re wondering why I’m not giving you a more in depth idea of what went on there, this would be my answer. Have I made  you curious? Good. Would you like to have a chance to participate? Even better. These meetings are open to the public. Are you motivated? I know I am and I hope I get another invitation to attend. If you haven’t been invited yet, I would like to encourage you to contact the Pahrump Community Library, where the meetings are held and ask when the next meeting is going to be scheduled. Look under  “Announcements” in the Pahrump Valley Times and the Pahrump Mirror, because these meetings are announced in the papers too. Then come on down and join the discussion.

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