Wake Up and Smell the Cat-Box

I went to a special edition of the Pahrump Townboard meeting tonight with my husband. He took all the progressive bumpersticker magnets off my car before we went. A mutual acquaintance had written a letter to the editor of the local paper about her car being keyed because of the progressive bumperstickers on her car. I told him that I felt naked without my bumperstickers and that I also felt I was giving into fear.

Everyone was up in arms because the Town manager might have his contract extended. I have no idea how anyone here can afford to pay him $105,000.00 a year when most of them can barely afford to feed themselves. Those are our tax dollars at work (insert eyeroll). Every time I ask some “official” how it’s possible that the Town Manager could be making that much a year, the answer is always the same; It’s comparable to the rest of the country. Our cost of living here is NOT comparable to the rest of the country. We’re rural. Our cost of living is on the medium/low side. Making $50,000.00 a year here in Nye county and a person could live like a king.

I sat with my husband and listened as a woman made a proposal to the Townboard to take into consideration, allowing a light train to come through our town. I thought to myself, “How wonderful that would be, we might get some real jobs out of this and it’s green!” The Chair of the board asked her how much pay-back she was getting from the Government to make this proposal. At least that’s what I thought I heard. One of the other Board members took the proposal personally, he has a Class A license and he believes that would take jobs away from other people who have Class A licenses. She said she supported truck drivers and that she wasn’t trying to take any jobs away from anyone. As a matter of fact it would create jobs. She said she had a class A driver’s license as well. She was a truck driver. Because of those Townboard members, her motion was shot down, pretty much unanimously. I was in shock and I started to get angry. I want to know who this Townboard is actually representing. Certainly not the best interests of the Township.

Principles before personalities? They don’t know the meaning.

Next on the agenda, the conversation from the board took a turn to the impoverished. Someone proposed a motion for the Board to support the efforts of volunteers and contributors to the less fortunate in our community. The very same Townboard member who has a class A driver’s license, wanted to know how much this was going to cost. How about NOTHING. The proposer just wanted the volunteers and supporters to know that their efforts were appreciated. This resolution passed 3 to 2, with Mr. class A driver’s license still voting no. Someone else said we would not be able to attract any businesses if business owners knew how poor it is here. The Townboard thinks they can cover it up and somehow it will attract businesses. I started to get angry. Really angry. I handed my purse to my husband and got up to make a comment to the board and the rest of the community in attendence. He reminded me to use my “inside” voice. I can get pretty loud when I’m angry. I approached the podium and the microphone. I reminded myself that I’m on internet radio every Monday night and not to be nervous, to speak clearly. To be articulate. I said to them, ” I don’t care about corporations, I care about jobs and we need jobs here. By the same token, we have an average of five suicides here a week, and our recorded umemployment is at 14%, while the actual number is closer to 25%. The people of our community need help.” A woman after me stated that I ought to care about corporations because corporations bring jobs. My husband muttered under his breath that yes, they brought jobs … to China. Small businesses bring jobs. He’s right.

As I sat there seething, I realized that someone from outside our community, had come all the way to seek the approval of the Townboard, on just a motion to consider creating jobs. And green energy jobs at that. I had to go outside before I started yelling at them and got myself arrested for disruptive behavior. I learned after the meeting, from a source who works for the unemployment office, that our actual unemployment in Nye county is more like 48%.

There is no logic or reason in what transpired there this evening. None. Not even a modicum of intelligence. This community is poor right now, not that it’s ever been rich. Though there are five families here that own a majority of the land. These families seem to always get someone into a political position, who will keep us from progressing and yet they also seem to maintain their standard of living.

Someone who had access to bringing jobs to us, good jobs, green energy jobs, brought us a proposal. A good one in so far as it was stated. She was turned down flat because someone took the type of jobs personally and someone else insinuated that the proposer was being paid off to bring these jobs to us.

The Board moves on to a pat on the back, for the people in our community who help out the less fortunate and then the appearance of being less fortunate as the cause of the lack of jobs in our community after having turned down a proposal to just consider, job creation. Someone else states that we ought to be beholden to corporations. Corporations that have outsourced just about every type of job that used to keep America moving, so the corporation can make a profit while we in America starve, lose our homes, kill ourselves or die from diseases we can no longer afford to maintain.

The corporations have “theirs”, they have more than their fair share in my opinion. Since we as Americans, believe we deserve a better life, we will not work for slave wages. We will not work an 80 plus hour work week. We will not allow our children to be used up and thrown aside, for profit. I wanted to yell at them to wake up and smell the catbox. Those corporations aren’t coming back and it’s not appearances that are keeping them away. We just had an offer for job creation and you turned it down. Are you that stupid?

I just don’t get it.


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