Teacher’s Advocate

Having some experience with the teaching profession and several clients that are teachers, I have a few things to say about this. All the teachers I have had the opportunity to question are against, “No Child Left Behind”. The first reason all of them cite, they are teaching to a test in order to get funding. No results, no funding. “No Child Left Behind” was left unfunded as it is.

Were I in that profession, I would be afraid of any other kind of legislation coming my way too, after almost ten years of being battered over test results, military privacy invasion and curriculum cuts due to budget shortfalls.

I agree that something has to be done in order to be able to educate our children properly however, education starts at home. I believe that parents ought to be more responsible for their child’s upbringing and teaching children boundaries at the earliest possible moment in their lives, in order to insure that they are productive members of society. I also believe that teachers need to have some recourse in order to maintain teaching quality in the classroom. Smaller classroom sizes, better access to parents and more authority in the classroom.

There was a time when there was Auditing (job evaluation) of teachers by other teachers in order to improve teaching quality. As well, there used to be seminars of teachers, teaching other teachers, better teaching methods. I also think a psych evaluation ought to be added to job applicants for teaching positions or to people pursuing teaching credentials.

My memories of being in school, include knowing the names of the teachers that actually made an impact on my life. We all had favorite teachers and the quality that I find in the memory of a favorite teacher amongst every person that I’ve ever asked is, creativity. So I’d like to suggest we bring creativity back to the classroom too.


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