Bush Memoir Release Has Republicans Concerned

Is it written in dry-erase marker, crayon, or sidewalk chalk? There’s my obligatory, passive/aggressive dig at the “news” that Bush’s memoirs are about to be released. We’re supposed to care about this why again? Is it some sick, masochistic streak that runs through the world so much so, that we want to relive some of the darkest days in American history?

I used to wake up every morning, thinking that I was in an alternate universe because I didn’t feel comfortable just being who I am, due to this circus act of an administration. The first time I saw Bush speak and say, “Those evil folks”, I almost fell over with disgust, then I turned off my television and I haven’t turned it back on since. I saw live footage on CNN of some poor kid, practically bleeding to death in Baghdad, surrounded by tanks, crawling away from the carnage and one of our soldiers shot him in the head at just about point blank range, definitely no more TV for me (I’m a strong believer in self-censorship). I saw Bush on Larry King live state that “God” talks to him, this was before he was selected by SCOTUS and I thought to myself, no one in their right mind would ever vote for someone like that.  When I saw the debate between Bush and Gore I couldn’t help but stomp on the floor and try to will Gore to rebut him.

Then came the new Presidential Cycle. I had done a lot of research and you may call me a conspiracy theorist if you like however, I’ve read the FOIA on Operation Garden Plot and between that and 9/11, there are just too many similarities to be ignored. When I found out that Howard Dean had been tossed aside for a media out-take that is on this side of what’s happened and is happening to Shirley Sherrod, I was crest fallen.

I kept reading about more Osama bin Laden “sightings”, when my son pointed out that he thought that the videos were computer generated images. I called my brother, the Special Effects Technician, to find out if that could be done and he confirmed that it could. Benazir Bhutto was interviewed on the David Frost show and I watched that on youtube too. She said that Osama bin Laden was dead and she named his killer. She was assassinated 3 days later.

So John Kerry was the Democratic Nominee and I did more research. No one I knew, knew what the Kerry commission was nor that the Iran Contra Affair was exposed by the Kerry Commission, few to this day even know now that John Kerry headed up the Kerry Commission. It was as if the media were trying to hide all the good things that Kerry could have done and that Kerry conceded so readily just irked me even more.

Four more years of wondering if my Township was going to turn against me and nail me to a cross in my front yard and set me on fire, much like Joan of Arc, because I am non-sectarian and because I believe that all religious doctrines are great philosophy books however, I also believe that ought there to be some Higher Consciousness, there is no way that a human, no matter how intelligent they might be, could understand.

I saw Bush via youtube, declare that the United States Constitution was “just a God-damned piece of paper”. I almost cried. I read the Military Commissions Act, I read both Patriot Acts, and I loathe Frank Luntz. No matter the title of any Republican “message” it’s always the opposite of what it’s stating.

I watched C-Span for the very first time in my life on the internet. I watched as the Constitution was made into so much used toilet paper because an Ex Post Facto (retroactive law) clause had been accepted by both the House and the Senate and then signed into Law by Bush, including his customary “this doesn’t apply to me” after his signature. That relieved the entire Administration of any wrong doing. I discovered that the media had turned signing statements (an opinion with prejudice)  into Royal Decrees.

I kept wondering when I was going to wake up. Everything seemed so surreal and I felt that each day I was waking into walking underwater. Slowly having the life suffocated out of me.

I do NOT want to relive those times. As a matter of fact, what would give me closure and satisfaction, would be to see the entire Bush Administration charged with and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for Treason. To restore the Rule of Law, to honor the history of the  Magna Carta, to adhere to the United States Constitution and all its Amendments. For each and every American citizen to remember that yes we are a Republic, but a Republic based on Representative Democracy. That we ARE the Government and our elected Representatives work for us. To believe again, that we truly are, “The land of the free and the home of the brave”.
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