Racism vs. Class-ism

When I was in my 20s and still lived in Los Angeles County, I had the odd habit of going to Rodeo Drive after 10 pm to window shop and occasionally have a burger at Tommy’s. One night, as I was perusing shoes and clothes and wondering why anyone in their right mind would pay $1000.00 for a purse, this beautiful midnight blue, metal-flake stretch limo drove by … they parked right on the side of the road next to the Red Onion (I used to go there sometimes to go dancing too). I’m guessing that had the persons in the car been able to complete their mission that they were going to have a few drinks and go dancing too. A very attractive couple was getting out of their limo with the assistance of the driver. The woman was dressed to the 9s and the man was wearing a 3 piece suit … I’m not a small town girl however, they looked really impressive all dressed up … and then 3 police cars pulled up around them and they were told that if they didn’t leave, they would be arrested because their kind wasn’t wanted in Beverly Hills … because of the rings on the woman’s finger and the man’s, I assumed they were married, and because I was in earshot I heard everything that transpired … they were black … I am a white woman, now in my late 40s, and I have a few visible tattoos … the first thought that came into my mind at the time was that I didn’t belong there more than THEY didn’t belong there … women with tattoos weren’t all that popular at the time and I promptly turned around and left …


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