Overloaded: 7 Things You Should Know About Your Internet-Interrupted Brain (PHOTOS)

In the year 2000 I stopped watching television. Reasons being, that I could not find anything of any value what-so-ever, on the idiot box … that is when I turned to my computer for real information … I have learned about American History, Gardening, Politics (local, national and worldwide), Quantum Physics, Prescription Drug Side-Effects, Natural Cures for things that ailed me or ailed a friend, Music, Informational/Educational and Entertainment Videos, News and Events. I subscribe to an online radio station, I am able to make contact with Politicians, PhD.s and other people of stature that without this tool, would have been out of reach and I have an Internet Radio Show that I host once a week … that being said, what strikes me as odd is, not once that I saw does this article mention Social Evolution … mind you if the internet turns into what television turned into (all reality shows all the time), I will certainly be signing off indefinitely (American Idol is the epitome of idiocy to me). I am also able to express myself in ways I never could watching television. I for one choose to ignore this insult to evolution, that a computer could interrupt my thought patterns … I have no problems staying focused here or in my day to day life. I have used the internet as a tool for enrichment and my brain doesn’t seem to mind at all …
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