Consumer Confidence Falls As Corporate Profits Rise

It’s time to move your money away from anything that supports Wall Street … and I mean anything … from Wal-mart to Bank of America and everything in between … all “too big to fail” corporations need to be out of American NOW … they do not care about anything except their profit margin … they do not care who lives or dies, who can afford to buy food, clothing or necessary medication much less pay their electric bill … Corporations are under the illusion that the citizens of America owe them something … they do NOT. Especially after all those “Bush Administration, Bailed out Corporations” are still handing out billion dollar bonuses that ought to be going back INTO the retirement funds of shareholders et al, that predatory corporations relieved them of … Make them leave by any means necessary … grow your own food … invest in green energy … barter … make the things you need to have or barter/pay someone locally to do it for you … leave Wall Street in the lurch along with every last corporation that would have any and every tax paying American support them in serfdom …
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