Nevada’s Economic Misery May Be America’s Future

I feel like an orphan here … I live in Nevada, Nye county to be exact … I am surrounded by vacant houses that have been foreclosed upon or are about to go into foreclosure … our recorded unemployment rate here is 14.9%, in reality it’s closer to 25% … there are no jobs here … a brand new Star Nursery opened here less than 2 years ago and closed their doors around the first week of summer (they told the town that they were coming back in Autumn and intended to be open seasonally … they lied) … I’ve been told by the spouse of a local fireman, who owns a police scanner, that the majority of obituaries in the local papers are suicides … approximately 5 suicides a week … we get no attention here … except when the local elected officials decide to arrest each other in what I refer to as Political Peyton Place … My husband tells me we are not middle-class, that there really is no middle-class anymore … just working class … he’s working 2 full time jobs and I’m working 5 part time jobs just to make ends meet. I’m growing our food too … I realize that our situation in Nye is no different than most of the country however … this is my attempt at getting us some attention too …
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