Anger vs. Fear

I just don’t seem to be able to stop being infuriated at what’s going on in the media, in Congress, even amongst my co workers and some of my closest friends … I read headlines everyday and wonder to myself how anyone, who is a true progressive, withstands the assaults of just about everyone surrounding them

Congress and the Senate? They make me laugh, mind you in a cynical fashion … Anyone anywhere that was keeping track of who voted for or against Health Care Reform, knows who needs to be voted out. I’m particularly incensed by the people who didn’t support a Public Option, the general consensus of opinion there, from what I’ve been told in high volume is, anyone who did or does support it, is an Enemy of the State … make no mistake about this either … I’m not your friend and you’re definitely NOT my friend if you did not support a Public Option … people with chronic illnesses, through no fault of their own, ought to just lay down and die? I THINK NOT!

By the way, I do believe, had the polling places not been closed down early in Bill Halter’s strongest district, he would have won … not that the media has noticed that his strongest district closed the majority of the polling places, or if they have noticed, they’re not talking about it.

It irks me every day that the majority of my fellow residents, in a township of 40,000  (give or take), can’t read, don’t know what C-Span is, and just about all of them are fawning over anything that comes from Mainstream Media. Apparently they’re not aware of the fact that both Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are major share holders in Clear Channel and that Rupert Murdoch and the King of Saudi Arabia direct traffic on Murdoch’s holdings in the Media.

When I was young, there was a resurgence of “Christianity” under the label of “Born-Again” … as if “plain wrap” wasn’t good enough (mind you I’m no Christian … I’m a self avowed heathen and wouldn’t want to belong to a group of people who won’t treat their fellow human beings LIKE fellow human beings). I was told via Facebook one day that I ought to be grateful that I live in a Christian Nation that allows people of other faiths to be citizens. I won’t go into any great detail about my reply, however I will say this much, I reminded the person in question that we were founded on Freedom of Religion (and I believe that is inclusive of Freedom From Religion).

People who think that Unemployment Insurance just magically appeared one day, and does no good for the economy?They need to read up on how it came to be (might I suggest and what it was meant to do. Any American citizen that has ever worked, since the inception of Unemployment Insurance and Social Security Insurance, has paid into it and therefore in my opinion, is entitled to it. Should both types of  Tax Payer funded insurances dissolve into the land of Nevermore, I’d like to know what the defrauders of the American public intend to do with the accumulation of Tax Payer dollars too. Invest it in more derivatives? No doubt.

I’m afraid that the Consuming Public is going to buy this line of beat up romance, hook, line and sinker … I’m afraid that the coming generations will not know what the words they speak or the words they hear, mean. When was the last time anyone really opened a Dictionary? Or a Thesaurus (no that’s NOT a dinosaur) for that matter?

Every time I leave my driveway, in my little silver opinion mobile, I’m afraid that I’m going to get rammed by some other, bigger vehicle … someone actually yelled an expletive at me from a really big, red truck because of one of my bumper sticker magnets … I’ve almost been physically attacked because I’m a progressive and one of my co workers actually told me that her “God” didn’t want me to work in the same place as she did.

I keep reading and hearing and seeing this new “fad” going around about how America is a Republic, to which I will consent but only so far. We are a Republic based on Representative Democracy. We elect our Representatives and we pay them, with our Tax Dollars, to Represent what we want. We ARE the Government and they are Governed by OUR VOTES. And inasmuch as they’d like the Consuming Public to believe otherwise, they (the elected) are either misinformed, deliberately trying to  misinform us, or delusional.

I’m angry that the Bush Administration in its entirety, has not been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for High Crimes and Misdemeanors and Crimes Against Humanity. I’m angry that the Patriot Acts I and II have managed to, without so much as a “Thank you kiss my cheek”, relieve me of my Civil Rights (I have had such an experience with our local Sheriff’s Department sans warrant). I’m angry that FISA included an Ex Post Facto clause that completely defies and defiles the United States Constitution. I’m angry that the Dictionary Definition of an Economic Depression has been rewritten to include another two or three recessions when in fact, the definition of an Economic Depression is two recessions in a row.

We are the United States of America NOT the United Corporations of America. The Constitution begins with “We the People”, not We the Corporations. I’m angry and afraid that the time has almost past for us to come together as a nation to stop this juggernaut of lies, fraud and betrayal. Where is the spark, to set the flame, to the Torch of Liberty?

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