Life is Not a Mental Disorder

Interestingly enough I have a medical/psych diagnosis noted in my regular health chart by my GP and it reads as follows: Patient is “Unipolor” ie; always happy/severe allergies to Sulfa drugs … on an added note, I was a Liberal Arts major in college going to pursue a degree in psychology … I gave that up after two major life changing “a-ha” moments of my own … first I noticed that almost everyone in my psych classes were looking to cure themselves (can you imagine how many degree-ed people out there have severe mental health issues of their own, treating Joe or Josephine Q Public?), second, after having noticed that, I went to the career assessment counselor and took the career assessment test … come to find out that the trade I had chosen for myself was exactly what I ought to be doing … according to the test results anyway … btw, my mother was an English teacher … notice my crummy writing skills (insert wink) …
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