Right Here Right Now

I gave myself heatstroke and a sunburn today … if only I could reach my back to put some kind of sunblock on it … oh well … so I took a nap and when I woke up I of course checked my email … I belong to this group called Democratic MeetUp … there are something like 60+ members and well … they send out mass emails to everyone … I think we all read them however I have long since given up replying to some of the things I get from that site even though I’m still a member … appparently come the 27th of this month if someone doesn’t step in to be the organizer it’s going to close … anyway … enough background … I am the contact organizer for my community for Organizing for America … maybe they think I’m sane enough for that or maybe they think I know enough people for that … I know them … all of them … personally … anyway … I attended the Pride Parade in Las Vegas and we’re trying to organize one of those out here along with rallys for SinglePayer Healthcare and other things that the Preamble to the Constitution and the Constitution itself declares … one of the members of the MeetUp group thinks I’m going to single handedly destroy the Democratic party in Nye county by supporting gay rights … he keeps bringing up this christian shpiel about how we’ll lose all support if we support a gay agenda … I think he’s a little low on oxygen to the brain … same sex civil unions are legal in Nevada now because the state senate vetoed the governors denial of their rights … every once in awhile he sends me some email challenge even though his grandchildren think that a Pride Parade in Pahrump is a good idea … he wants to hide it and keep it in the closet because christians might balk at the idea that love is love and knows no boundaries what so ever … I have noticed in recent weeks … months even … that the republican party has claimed the brand of christian … as I watch Mark Sanford be censured (as if the priest has given him absolution after confession and a few hail mary’s) I have decided that christianity is dead … I should state here that I am not a christian though for about 8 years while I was between childhood and adulthood that I became born again (I still wonder what was wrong with plain wrap) and then one day decided that whatever is out there (because I choose to believe that something is out there) it ain’t geezus … since then I have embarked upon a journey to investigate all the things this ‘out there’ thing is and for my own personal definition I believe it is truly the energy behind all things and that yes there is a purpose and probably many ulitimate goals … but I digress … I did that because a lot of people think I’m an athiest and nothing could be further from the truth … so this poor misguided uninformed soul keeps giving me the ‘daddy’ treatment … and I keep rebeling … I didn’t have a father figure growing up and I certainly don’t need one now … in the meantime the fear is pervasive and I don’t do fear anymore as much as I recognize it when it comes up and the republican party and its fear tactics I believe have infected someone I used to call my friend and admire to a certain degree … now I think he needs an oxygen tank or at least enough brains to understand that freedom is as freedom does and if we don’t practice what we state that we will lose our freedom completely … so I intend to keep doing what I’m doing and quite possibly eventually confront him even though I believe when I want something to go away that the best attention is no attention at all … this irks me to no end … you keep YOUR church out of my government and I’ll keep my FREEDOM out of YOUR house … I also feel that self censorship is the best way to keep negativity out of my life too … and I will for the most part continue to ignore him til he stops being an idiot or falls out of my social circle entirely and becomes what I believe he truly is … a republican …

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