When I was just a kid … I remember Freddie Prinze from Chico and the Man killing himself … and then Peter Duel from Alias Smith and Jones killing himself … today two people that I grew up with died … Michael Jackson over dosed on demerol and 3 hours before that Farrah Fawcett died … I remember her for the movie The Burning Bed … she helped to change the world for battered women everywhere because of that movie … Michael Jackson … even though he had his oddities was a musical genius that completely changed the face of music not only in America but the world over … when I was a kid I didn’t think about dying … I’m an adult now and Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett are in my age group … it brings me wondering about what my final moment on this planet will be … and I don’t want to think about … no one wants to think about when they will no longer be here … ashes and dust and maybe a memory for a season …


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